What’s the Best Spot for My Lucky Jade Plant

Jade plant sitting beside a canister for tea.

With their thick, glossy leaves and tree-like appearance, jade plants are adorable. Personally, I love them. 

In fact, I have three of these African natives.

A jade plant’s botanical name is Crassula ovata. But, you’ll also hear this plant referred to as a money plant or friendship plant. 

Jade plants are rumored to bring luck and prosperity to both people and businesses. In theory, if placed correctly, they can help homes and businesses flourish.

But, according to feng shui, not all areas are suited for a jade plant. Some spots will bring greater luck, while others may block this plant’s energy.

It’s safe to say, most people would lean towards encouraging luck. So, that leaves the question – where should you put a jade plant?

Put your jade plant in the southeast corner of your home or a room, such as a living room or office, to encourage luck and prosperity. Alternatively, you can place your jade plant by your front door to invite in good chi and fortune.

Read on to explore this lucky plant, and where you can place your jade to encourage your good fortune.

What’s the Best Spot for Your Jade Plant

Jade plant sitting next to a sunny window.
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Feng shui is the practice of arranging objects and spaces in your home. The purpose is to harness energy to create balance and harmony.

Those objects also include plants, which bring living energy to a space. And, according to feng shui, jade plants not only bring good energy but they bring luck and prosperity as well.

So, by placing your jade plant in the right spot, you’ll encourage the flow of positive energy and luck.

But, if placed in the wrong spot, you’ll thwart that good fortune.

What Does a Jade Plant Symbolize?

A jade plant symbolizes good luck, fortune, and prosperity. 

It’s often called the money plant, due to the feng shui symbolism of its coin-shaped leaves. And, it’s said to activate financial prosperity.

On the other hand, when a jade plant’s leaves are heart-shaped, then it’s called the friendship tree. And it’s gifted to friends and family to give them good luck and fortune.

The rich, green leaves are symbolic as well. These signal growth and renewal.

So, as you can see, a jade plant is rich in symbolism and meaning.

Where Should You Put a Jade Plant?

Now that you know what a jade plant symbolizes, let’s look at where to put your plant to get the greatest benefit.

To invite favorable energy, place your jade plant in your foyer or by an entrance. When placed here, a jade plant is said to welcome good luck and positive chi into your home.

But, be careful your plant’s not exposed to constant drafts. Especially cold, winter drafts. A jade plant prefers warmer temperatures.

To learn more about jade plant care, take a look at my beginner’s guide. You’ll find it helpful.

The southeast corner of a home or room is considered the wealth and prosperity sector. So, placing your jade plant here encourages good energy flow for abundance.

Good rooms to consider are living rooms, dining rooms, or offices. In your office space, you can also sit your jade plant on the southeast corner of your desk. 

If you need help deciding on a good location, consider using a Bagua map. This is a tool used in feng shui to map out energies in your home.

Just remember, no matter where you place your jade plant, it needs to be in a warm spot with at least 4 – 6 hours of bright light per day.

Where Not to Place Your Jade Plant

Just as there are good spots for your jade plant, there are also not-so-ideal spots.

For example, although a jade plant can survive in a bathroom,  according to feng shui, this is not a recommended room. Neither is a laundry area.

Both of these rooms are too closed off for good energy flow. Plus having a jade plant in a bathroom encourages your money to be washed down the drain or toilet. It’s the same in a laundry area with a sink.

Your bedroom is another room that’s not suited for a jade plant.  This is because a jade plant is an energy plant and that energy can disturb your sleep. In a bedroom, you want low energy, not high energy.

Final Thoughts

  • A jade plant symbolizes good luck and prosperity.
  • According to feng shui, placing your jade plant in the southeast corner of your home or room encourages luck and positive energy flow.
  • Placing a jade plant near an entrance invites positive chi into your home.
  • Living rooms, dining areas, and offices are good areas for jade plants.
  • Bathrooms, laundry areas, and bedrooms are not supportive environments for a jade plant’s energy.

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