Hello and welcome to The Budding Planter! If you love plants, and want more greenery in your life, but are just not sure where to start, then this is the place for you.

My aim is to provide my readers with simple, practical advice for both indoor and outdoor plants, that even the greenest (no pun intended!) novice can apply.

As a child, I grew up above a retail store, where we had neither a garden, outdoor planter, or even a single houseplant. I’m afraid my mother considered herself a bit of a “hopeless” brown thumb. It wasn’t until my early twenties, when someone gave me a few houseplants that I found I had a love for plants.

As time went on, I expanded my houseplant collection and delved into the world of gardening. I loved working with my plants and gardens. But, to be perfectly honest, I often “winged it” when it came to their care and just hoped for the best.

Though this trial and error method certainly taught me a lot, when I started working at a garden center I realized, in many ways, I was still a plant novice. I also realized many customers were new to plants, coming in because they were unclear of what their next step should be, or simply where to begin.

It was at that moment that a light bulb went off. I love plants and I love writing – so why not marry the two with a blog? It’s a perfect way to gain and share knowledge about plants and their care.

And when I read a post where someone had picked their tomatoes way too early because they didn’t understand the ripening process, I knew I wanted my main focus to be on the novice plant parent and gardener.

I am in no way a plant expert, but I’m on a journey to learn more about plants and I’m hoping you’ll come on this adventure with me. You can reach me at [email protected]. Or use my contact form.

I promise to do my best to try and find the answers to your questions and help you develop the green thumb I know is waiting inside you.